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Modified Atkins diet shows promise as treatment for epileptic children in Indian clinical trial

Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. is pleased to distribute the results of the recent clinical trial in Indiawhich demonstrated the effectiveness of a modified Atkins Diet™ in treating infantile spasms, a form of epilepsy, in affected children. The study, published in Seizure: The European Journal of Epilepsy (2011), was conducted at the leading Department of Pediatrics, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India.

“This is a well-done clinical trial from the ketogenic diet team in New Delhi, India. They put young children with infantile spasms, a particularly difficult form of epilepsy, on the modified Atkins Diet. The traditional ketogenic diet has been well-demonstrated to work for infantile spasms, but the less restrictive, modified Atkins Diet has never been formally studied for this condition,” said Eric Kossoff, M.D., Neurology and Pediatrics Medical Director and Ketogenic Diet Center Director, Johns Hopkins Hospital. “The researchers found that six out of 15 subjects stopped having seizures, which is similar to the traditional ketogenic diet. The modified Atkins Diet is also under investigation for other children and adults with epilepsy in India, a country with a large population faced with epilepsy that is often undertreated.”

Study subjects had daily, clustered infantile spasms with EEG evidence of chaotic brain electrical activity, despite the use of various drug treatments. Carbohydrate intake was restricted to ten grams/day. After three months of following the diet, six children were spasm free. Spasms ceased at two days to two months after the diet was started.

“We are very happy to see medical professionals around the globe applying the science-based Atkins principles of nutrition to treat patients for a variety of disorders,” said Ton Wijnen, Vice President, International of Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. “Atkins is entering India in a big way over the next 18 months because we believe our program, which has been customized for local Indian preferences, will help address the growing epidemic of obesity and diabetes there.”

Over 60 peer-reviewed scientific studies have supported the efficacy and safety of the Atkins Diet for both short and long term weight loss, as well as for the management of diabetes and heart disease factors. The recent Indian study provides additional support for applying the Atkins low-carb approach to other debilitating health conditions.

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