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December 11, 2012

Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. Launches New Mobile App

DENVER, CO – December 11, 2012 – Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. (, a leader in the weight management category, today announced the launch of its new Atkins Carb Tracker App. The free mobile application for Atkins™ dieters features comprehensive tools including a robust food search, daily meal planner, progress tracker, dining-out guide with restaurant finder as Read More

December 6, 2012

Atkins Introduces Deliciously Different Low-Carb Meals to the Freezer Aisle

DENVER, CO. –December 6, 2012– Low-carb enthusiasts can toss their long shopping lists and put away their pots and pans. Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., a leader in the weight-management category, announced today the launch of Atkins™ Frozen Meals, the first and only line of indulgent low-carb entrées that will be available nationwide beginning January 2013. The Read More

November 12, 2012

New Study Demonstrates That A Low-Carb Diet, Like The Atkins Diet, Reduces The Risk For Heart Disease, Reduces Inflammation

DENVER- November 12, 2012 – A just-released study by researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine shows that when overweight or obese people lose weight, such as with the Atkins Diet™, they can have a significant reduction in inflammation (a key marker for heart disease) throughout their body, as measured by three common markers. The study also Read More

October 23, 2012

New Study Demonstrates that a Lower Carb and Lower Sugar Diet Reduces the Risk of Cognitive Impairment

DENVER- October 23, 2012 – A recent study funded by the National Institute on Aging from the Mayo Clinic and published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease has found that people 70 and older who eat food high in carbohydrates have nearly four times the risk of developing mild cognitive impairment, and the danger also Read More

October 1, 2012

New International Study Demonstrates the Power of Low-Carb Diets In the Fight Against Diabetes

Denver, CO – October 1, 2012 – The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 170 million people worldwide have diabetes and this figure is expected to more than double by 2030. A new international study published in the October issue of the medical journal Nutrition, compared low-carb with low-calorie diets in obese and diabetic patients Read More

September 25, 2012

Atkins Nutritionals, Inc, Names All-Star Competition Winners

DENVER, CO. – September 25, 2012 – For one devoted dieter, losing weight has meant more than just gaining self-esteem — she’s won the trip of a lifetime and a chance to meet Sharon Osbourne, co-host of CBS’s daytime talk show “The Talk,” and the new AtkinsTM celebrity ambassador. Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., a leader in Read More

September 11, 2012

Celebrity Host Sharon Osbourne Begins Weight Loss Journey With Atkins

NEW YORK – September 11, 2012 – Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., a leader in the weight-management category, announced today that Sharon Osbourne, co-host of CBS’s daytime talk show “The Talk,” will be the new celebrity ambassador for the brand. As she nears her 60thbirthday, the candid talk show host has committed to taking her health more Read More

June 27, 2012

Atkins demands a retraction of statements published by British Medical Journal in a recent study

Denver, CO – June 27, 2012 – Atkins Nutritionals Inc. has requested that the British Medical Journal (BMJ) retract its false and misleading statement that, according to a recent Swedish study, an “Atkins-style” diet is to blame for increased risk of cardiovascular disease among a specific female population in Sweden. The study itself never mentioned Read More

May 8, 2012

Atkins Survey Finds Americans Are Confused About Carbohydrates

DENVER, May 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Mindless eating and carb confusion continue to plague American waistlines. Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., a leader in the weight-management category, today announced findings from the Atkins™ Carb Index Survey. The study uncovered that Americans typically do not monitor what is on their plates, with close to six in ten confessing Read More

March 14, 2012

New Study Shows the Positive Effect of Low-Carb Diets

DENVER- March 14, 2012 – A just-released study from Johns Hopkins University has found that dieters that followed a low-carb diet like the Atkins Diet™, shed more weight than those on a low-fat diet –10 lbs. more in six months – and that the low-carb group lost more abdominal fat overall. A key finding was Read More