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New Study Shows the Positive Effect of Low-Carb Diets

DENVER- March 14, 2012 – A just-released study from Johns Hopkins University has found that dieters that followed a low-carb diet like the Atkins Diet™, shed more weight than those on a low-fat diet –10 lbs. more in six months – and that the low-carb group lost more abdominal fat overall. A key finding was the lack of an adverse effect on vascular health in the low-carb group.

“The findings from the Johns Hopkins study demonstrate what we already know to be true – Atkins has many scientifically-validated health benefits, including improvements in cardiovascular health markers,” said Colette Heimowitz, vice president of nutrition and education for Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. “Atkins is the original and leading low carb weight loss plan that provides quick, satisfying weight loss based on an extensive body of research. It is a safe and effective diet plan for those looking to lose weight and keep it off long-term.”

The study was presented on March 13 at an American Heart Association scientific meeting in San Diego by lead researcher Kerry Stewart, Ed.D., professor of medicine and director of clinical and research exercise physiology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Heart and Vascular Institute.

The study examined overweight or obese but otherwise healthy individuals between the ages of 30 and 65 years over a six-month period. One group was randomly assigned a low-carbohydrate diet and the other a low-fat diet. The low-carb group consumed a diet made up of no more than 30 percent of calories from carbs and as much as 40 percent of their diet was made up of fats. Exercise was included for all participants and vascular health was checked before and after six months. Successful weight loss and reductions in total and abdominal fat, and BP were achieved with both groups. Greater reductions in weight, BMI, waist circumference, and body fat occurred in the low-carb group. The low-fat diet consisted of no more than 30 percent from fat and 55 percent from carbs.

Additionally, when individual variations were examined, a greater loss of abdominal fat was associated with enhanced vascular health.
In his presentation Stewart said, “These findings are contrary to common beliefs that the less fat you eat the better your cardiovascular health. What this study shows is that a low-carb diet not only helps people shed more weight and abdominal fat, but it did not have any harmful effects on vascular health. Overall, there was an improvement in vascular health that was related to how much abdominal fat was lost, regardless of the diet. These data suggest that more people should be considering a low-carb diet as a viable option, especially since it results in greater abdominal fat loss.”

Approximately half of all American adults are estimated to be overweight, with a body mass index, or BMI, of 25 or higher; a third are estimated to be obese, with a BMI of 30 or higher. The effect of having too much weight on cardiovascular health and diabetes risk is even greater if there is a high accumulation of fat in the abdomen, above the waist. The Atkins Diet is designed to “flip the body’s metabolic switch” from burning carbs to burning fat. Graduated carb introduction helps avoid blood sugar and insulin spikes, which cause hunger and cravings resulting in overeating and weight gain. Atkins provides a long-term, well balanced diet plan that teaches individuals to find their personal ideal carb balance. No other weight-loss and maintenance program does this. The Atkins Diet is backed by more than 80 published, peer-reviewed studies conducted over the past several decades.
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Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. is a leader in the $2.4 billion weight control nutrition category, and offers a powerful lifetime approach to weight loss and management. The Atkins Diet focuses on a healthy diet with reduced levels of refined carbohydrates and added sugars and encourages the consumption of protein, fiber, fruits, vegetables and good fats. Backed by research and consumer success stories, this approach allows the body to burn more fat and work more efficiently while helping individuals feel less hungry, more satisfied and more energetic.

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