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7 Low Carb and Keto Tips for the Whole Family

June 3, 2019

School’s almost out for summer, which means it might be a challenge to keep “some” structure to your family’s eating habits when you have neighborhood children underfoot or teenagers waking up at the crack of noon.

Whether you’re dealing with toddlers, teens or “hangry” significant others, I have low carb and keto eating tips for all ages. If anything, this helps instill some healthy habits while still enjoying the lazy, hazy days of summer. Start with my 8 tips for family-friendly low carb living, and make your evening meals easy with salad, chili or taco bars that can easily modified to fit whatever low carb plan you are following. Then, try the following low carb and keto tips for people of all ages:

  1. Keep planning, shopping and prepping. At least now with the kids out of school, you can assign some of these tasks to them. Let them pick recipes each week so they feel involved in meal planning. Younger kids can help put away groceries and wash and store veggies, and the older kids can chop and prep and even cook.
  2. Schedule your groceries. Many grocery stores offer delivery and pick-up services. Create your grocery list online and have them delivered or schedule a time when you or your significant other can pick them up on the way home from work. If you have teenagers who drive, have them pick up the groceries (and put them away when they get home). Building your grocery list online and having someone else do the shopping (for a small fee) helps eliminate impulse purchases you might succumb to if you’re hitting the store at the last minute after a long day. Plus, your online grocery list will save all your purchases, which makes creating your next grocery list a breeze.
  3. Stock your pantry and fridge with low carb and keto friendly food. If your pantry and fridge become a free-for-all during the summer, keep them stocked with cut and washed veggies for easy snacking; deli meats such as ham, turkey and salami, sliced cheese and olives for impromptu charcuterie platters, wraps or salads. Whip up batches of chicken and tuna salad for snacks and wraps. Keep fresh berries and other fruit prepped for smoothies or a sweet snack. You can’t go wrong with string cheese and hard-boiled eggs, plus almonds and other nuts, as well as Atkins bars and shakes. It’s inevitable some type of junk food might end up in your house, but easy access to healthier alternatives makes it easier to resist.
  4. Shape up your freezer for summer. This is also a great time to go through and see what frozen mysteries might be lurking there from the school year. Buy chicken breasts or thighs in bulk, steaks, pork chops, fish and shrimp so you can easily take some out to defrost in time to grill at night. Grilled leftovers can be added to eggs, salads, sandwiches and bowls.
  5. Make breakfast a breeze. Once you have the ingredients on hand, anyone in the family can prepare simple and delicious breakfasts like Atkins Peanut Butter Granola Bar Parfait with Yogurt and Strawberries,

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