Brittney and Corey Polk

Age 38

* The average person can expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Results may vary. Weight loss is influenced by exercise, food consumed and diet
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Brittney and Corey Polk - after
Brittney and Corey Polk - before

My Story:

We started our Atkins journey on February 5, 2016. My husband and I often said that we needed to try Atkins because our normal wardrobe was getting a little too tight. But, as you know, it’s hard to give up the food you love! Our health meant much more to us, and wanting to feel great about ourselves. I am 37 (almost 38) and my husband is 38 (almost 39) and it was time for us to feel young again.:-) We made the decision and headed to the grocery for Atkins items. The first time we pretty much bought one of everything that was available at the store. Of course we got it nailed down to our favorites and looked forward to new items when they came out. We still use Atkins products but I think the most important lesson we learned from the products was counting carbs and being able to translate that into other foods to learn what we could and couldn’t eat. Once you understand the numbers you can branch out into preparing fresh foods and still use Atkins for quick and easy meals when on the go or having limited time to prep a fresh meal. We have used all the frozen meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner), we use the all the bars for breakfast or a quick lunch. We use the snacks for all times of the day when hungry and we keep stuff in the car or purse for emergencies. The new Atkins shakes are also a really nice treat for something different but filling. So, how much have we lost??
My husband’s weight on Feb 5 was 250. Today, he weighs 193!! That’s 57 pounds with only a handful of times at the gym. My weight on Feb 5 was 170. Today, I weigh 131! That’s 39 pounds with also minimal gym time. All of this in only 6 months! Our friends and family are so impressed with the hard work that we’ve put in. My brother started Atkins a month ago and has lost 28 pounds! This has become more than just a diet, it’s a lifestyle!