Michelle Wittich

Age 44
Atkins has freed me from a life of struggling with my weight, which is priceless to me.”

* The average person can expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Results may vary. Weight loss is influenced by exercise, food consumed and diet
105 lbs lost*
Michelle Wittich - after
Michelle Wittich - before

My Story:

Michelle struggled with her weight through her teenage and adult years while battling intense cravings for sugar and sweets. “In the past, on other diets, I would count calories and lose weight, but I was always starving and counting the hours until I could eat again,” she says. After hitting a high of 250 pounds while pregnant with twins, losing the baby weight became a huge challenge. Michelle began Atkins in May 2010, and from that moment, her relationship with food changed forever. “One of the big changes is that I no longer crave carbohydrates or sugary items,” she says. “I can walk right past donuts, cookies, cakes or other items brought into the office. I love vegetables and make all kinds of delicious dishes like faux potatoes and faux rice with cauliflower. I love to roast vegetables with a bit of olive oil and sea salt now. I do not get hungry like I used to because my blood sugar is stable.”
With Atkins, Michelle was able to lose 105 pounds, and she has maintained her weight for two years. Previously, a typical day of eating included fast food hamburgers and fries, ice cream, buttered popcorn, high-sugar snacks and more. On Atkins, Michelle enjoys eggs and bacon, hamburgers without buns, Atkins bars and shakes, salads, fruit, salmon and fresh roasted vegetables, plus sugar-free truffles as treats. “The fact that I am able to go throughout my day with out being hungry makes Atkins something I know that I can do for the rest of my life,” she adds. “I do not feel restricted or unsatisfied at all with the food I eat.”
Michelle’s weight loss has been life changing for her. “Everyone that meets me now just assumes that I have always been thin, and they are shocked to find out I was so much heavier,” she admits. “I love being able to buy clothes that I know will fit me six months from now instead of having a closet full of many different sizes depending on where I was with my weight loss efforts.”