The Purpose of OWL

Induction takes weight off quickly, but Ongoing Weight Loss (OWL) lets you personalize the Atkins Nutritional Approach™ to your tastes and needs.

On OWL you will:

continue to burn and dissolve fat
maintain control of your appetite sufficiently to control cravings
learn your threshold Level of Carbohydrate Consumption, which will allow you to continue to lose weight
eat a broader range of healthy foods, selecting those you enjoy most
learn to make the most nutrient-rich choices among carbohydrate foods
deliberately slow your rate of weight loss to lay the groundwork for permanent weight management

Rules of OWL
To be successful on OWL, remember to:

keep protein and fat as the mainstays of your nutritional regimen
increase your daily carb intake by no more than 5 grams each week
add new foods in the order listed in the carbohydrate ladder
add one new food group at a time
eat a food group no more than three times per week to start, then eat it daily
stop new foods immediately if they provoke weight gain, the return of physical symptoms lost doing Induction or increased appetite or cravings
continue doing OWL until you have five to 10 pounds left to lose

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