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A Low Carb Diet Curbs Your Sweet Cravings

Who hasn’t been at the wrong end of a pint of ice cream when uncontrollable cravings hit? And, if you’re a woman, throw in the hormone-driven PMS cravings that only chocolate seems to fix. Many people think that if you cut back on the food you crave, all you’ll do is crave it more, butRead More

4 Sweet Tips for a Keto-Friendly Valentine’s Day

With Atkins, you can still have a deliciously sweet and keto-friendly Valentine’s Day. For sure, the temptations abound. From candy hearts to heart-shaped cookies, these sugar bombs have the potential to trigger cravings and become stored as excess fat.  But your Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be like that if you follow these keto-friendly tipsRead More

A Low Carb Diet For Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) released their 2020 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes, which includes all of ADA’s current recommendations for clinicians, patients, researchers and others on diabetes care and treatment. When it comes to low carb diets and diabetes, here’s what the ADA had to say:  “Reducing overall carbohydrate intake for individuals withRead More

Game On! Low Carb Football Recipes and Party Planning

Do you have a winning low carb strategy for the big game this weekend? I have the secret to avoiding high-carb fumbles: the new Atkins Party Planner Skill for Amazon Alexa.  To start, go to your Alexa device or download the app on your Apple or Android phone, then ask Alexa to “Enable Atkins PartyRead More

5 Lifestyle Trends of 2020

January has always been known as a month of change and goal setting when it comes to diet, wellness and your overall lifestyle. Here is my take on some current trends you may be seeing everywhere:  Keto. As I said when I wrote about the 5 diet trends of 2019, the keto craze continues. TheRead More

Atkins’ Take on the Air Fryer

An Air Fryer is a popular kitchen appliance that cooks by circulating hot air around food, just like a mini convection oven. An Air Fryer is fabulous for making anything you cook crispy. It is popular for cooking fried frozen food, like kids’ meal mainstays such as French fries, corn dogs and chicken nuggets, butRead More

Low Carb Portable Snacks

Low carb snacks are a crucial part of a low carb lifestyle. They are the perfect quick low carb fix when you’re on the go or when the salty and sweet cravings hit, and they help keep your hunger in check until your next meal. We’ve put together a fresh, new list of low carbRead More

20 Health Goals for 2020

You can make 2020 your healthiest year yet with these health goals:  Don’t diet. It’s the time of the year when you’re inundated with diet ads, diet products and diet programs. Why should you rely on quick-fix, short-term diets that don’t work when you can embrace Atkins’ sustainable low carb lifestyle? Pick a plan. WhetherRead More

Response to U.S. News & World Report’s Best Diets 2020 Ranking

US News & World Report just released its 2020 Best Diets list and yet again, the publication continues to use the outdated U.S. Dietary Guidelines as its baseline to rate the diets. Despite our repeated recommendations to reference current science in creating these lists, US News & World Report continues to stick with the oldRead More

Low Carb Peppermint Tips and Treats

The holidays bring visions of candy canes hanging on a tree or passed out as a treat after visiting Santa. The flavors of peppermint are minty fresh and delicious, and there are many ways you can add peppermint to treats and drinks through the winter.  To start, there’s nothing more comforting and warm (and naturallyRead More

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